Taste of Belgium

13 W 12th STREET, CINCINNATI, OH 45202   513-807-0995


The Belgian Breakfast

Brought to your home or office

Waffle bar

Crepe bar

Omlette bar

Yogurt parfait

Pastry tray


Egg casserole


The Belgian Lunch

Anywhere, anytime

Tuna salad baguette

Chicken salad baguette

Belgian turkey club baguette

Ham and swiss baguette

Roasted vegetables on focaccia

SW Waffle sandwich

Spinach salad

House salad

Cesar salad

Belgian endive salad

Nicoise salad

Leigeoise salad


Belgian Dinner

From the intimacy of your home dining room to the grandeur of your favorite Ballroom.

Boulets Liegeois



Roasted chicken and couscous


The Belgian Brunch

Perfect for a daytime celebration

Omelette Bar

Crepe Bar

Waffle Bar

Mini Quiche

Biscuit Bar

Bagel and Cream Cheese Bar

Fruit Salad

House made muffins

House made scones

Chervil tarts

Vol au Vents


Belgian H'ors D'oeuvres

Perfect for a dinner by the bite

Marinated Mussels

Oysters gratin

Tuna tartare

Belgian shrimp cocktail

Chervil tarts

Cheese puffs

Vol au Vents (chicken or mushroom)

Belgian Ceviche

Pate Choux with smoked salmon

Miniature waffle with braised duck breast

Skewers of waldorf salad

Belgian Endive boats

Miniature boulets


Interactive Bars

Great show for your guests

Crepe Bar

Waffle Bar

Omelette Bar

Mimosa Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

Non Alcoholic Bar

Dessert Bar